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Imagine walking into a home that has been crafted to your exact specifications, mirroring your vision and aspirations. At Lux Home World, we turn this dream into a tangible reality. We believe that a home should be as unique as the individual residing in it and thus, we custom-create each piece to ensure your home is the only one of its kind in the world. Join us on an incredible journey as we bring your dream home to life, piece by piece reflecting your unique personality. Witness the miracle that Lux Home World brings.


Stainless Steel Custom Cabinets



Champion Tiles




& Pool Tiles

Natural Stone

(Wood Plastic Composite)

Wall Panels

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Have you ever dreamed of living in a home that’s an embodiment of your unique vision and personality? Welcome to Lux Home World, where we make those dreams a reality. We meticulously tailor design each piece to align with your unique vision. Our dedicated team supports you through every step of the process, from inception to fruition. With Lux Home World at the helm, witness the creation of your dream home that stands out from the crowd, unmatched and unparalleled in its uniqueness.

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